About Me


On any given day I have a lot to say about everything and plenty to argue about nothing.  As a way to satisfy this need to voice to what matters to me  “The Wahine Times” was born into fruition.

I seek to shed light on what life is like for a single older lady to show that for some, life is not all about Martinis or men.  I can’t even remember the last time I had either which inevitably comes with getting older wiser, all the more chunkier and who much prefers her indulgences to be of the more chocolaty substance.

My passions these days are working on budgets (nerd alert), writing stories and eating good food whilst planning my latest adventure into this wide world.  I also intend to do it as frugally as can possibly be in order to save for the life I want to lead.  

I currently live in Sydney Australia, am a job hopper extraordinaire and dreamer magnifique who drives an old beat up Toyota called Shoogs.  On days when we are forced to navigate Sydneys nightmare traffic, we can sometimes be heard yelling expletives at each other (we meaning me), but as long as Shoogs gets me to where I need to be we always make up.

Though I consider this fabulous city home now, I’m born and bred from a little town on the North Island of New Zealand, where frugal was a way of life and torture on a teenage girl.  Still I consider it a blessing to have come from humble beginnings but would never want to relive it anytime soon!

For now I choose to blog anonymously.  My chosen name for the purposes of this blog is The Wahine –  Wahine being the Maori word for woman/women and not to be confused with New Zealands version of the Titanic.

My contact email is thewahinetimes@gmail.com if you wish to contact me on anything to do with this blog.

Thanks for reading and subscribe for my posts if you are interested.  If nothing else thanks for the page view.