Month of Scrooge Challenge Week 4.2 and a Summary

Finally the month of February comes to an end and with it my Month of Scrooge Challenge.  As it turns out my efforts to spend as little money as possible instead turned into probably what will be one of the most expensive months of the year.   But hey that’s life and if anything is a reminder of why savings is an excellent idea!

Again feel free to check out my previous weeks posts, Week 1, 2, 3, 4.

And see below how the last two days for the month of February went.

Monday 27/02/17

Today brought with it some car anxiety.  First after the service the previous Friday I had to leave with an orange check engine light and multiple assurances by the mechanic nothing bad would happen.  Therefore it was a return to the mechanic today to try to ascertain the problem.

Also my teenage Toyota got a new scar added to her bumper as I made an incredibly stupid mistake when leaving work the other night and almost tore it off to my frustration.  Thinking I’d have to actually get some smash repair work done due to it hanging over my rear wheel I thought I’d shop around for quotes.  Turns out I didn’t!  The smash repairer smacked it back into place and told me not to waste my money!  What a good guy!

I also decided I deserved breakfast out and purchased myself a coffee and chocolate chip pancake to accompany the gigantic banana I brought from home to eat.

And because I love my junk food I bought a whole load of chocolate goodness and some tortilla chips.  OY!

I renewed my CTP greenslip today and NSW Car registration.  A sum total of $1013.19.   This is not inclusive in the below total because the money has come from my slush fund but jeepers owning a vehicle is expensive!

Spend $19.88

Tuesday 28/07/17

Well thank goodness I have no reason to spend any money today!

Spend $0

Total Weekly Spend $19.88

Total Spend for the month on monthly budget.

Week 1 $55.09

Week 2 $564.53

Week 3 $144.08

Week 4 $549.86

Week 4.2  $19.88

Total Monthly Budget Spend $1333.44

And there you have it folks I have failed my challenge and have overspent my monthly challenge by $88.44

If we were to include the extremely fantastical price I could not pass up on travel to Hawaii and also renewing my vehicle registration for another year the grand total would be in excess of $3000 almost trippling that budget.

Since it came from savings accounts and was completely planned for I have chosen not to include this in the total.  The reality is my survival budget would not include any of these costs.  If it came down to it, to reduce expenses in a dire emergency, I would get rid of my car because I don’t actually need one but I choose to own one.  Secondly I would not be traipsing overseas to Hawaii as opposed to paying for a roof over my head.

Where did I go wrong on my challenge?

What can I say, food is still my current budget nemesis.  My tummy speaks and I react. If I were to curb my love of junk food this cost would decrease significantly, but alas that is still a work in progress.

I also think it is important to have some blow money, something fun in the form of a personal allowance.  I did not however budget an allowance for the month  but spent money regardless as if I did on some very unnecessary items, the lotto tickets and kindle book I’d purchased to name a few.

What about the good stuff?

Well I managed to save a heap of money and to be honest I’m not disappointed with the end result because it is still at a point where I want it to be.  My costs are not excessive and again reinforces the validation of having a well stocked slush fund and savings accounts without any debt whatsoever.

As you’ll note I was able to grab a fantastic deal to Hawaii because I had already begun to save for my next trip.  I was able to pay for my car registration without batting an eyelid though I am peeved that it increases every year despite by car dropping in value.  I could also pay my rent without any trouble even when I was underpaid by my employer!  That my friends is a result of good budgeting and planning for the future.

Now that a major expense for the year is done and dusted I anticipate the next few months to be more financially viable and all about adding money back into my coffers.

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