Month of Scrooge Challenge Week 4

I am in the final countdown of my Month of Scrooge Challenge and please feel free to click on the link to find out what this is all about!  However if you don’t want to, essentially this is my effort to spend as little money as possible for the month of February.  It helps me to gage where I am in my monthly budgeting costs, and if I am being realistic or just pulling a figure out of thin air.

Feel free to backtrack and check out my spending history in  Week 1, 2 ,3.

Now on to to Week 4!

Monday 20/02/17

I am exhausted today.  I have not been sleeping well over the last week and may need to upgrade my pillows very shortly.  If my neck is not hurting when I wake up, either I haven’t slept long enough or it’s just too damn uncomfortable!  A problem newer, firmer pillows should alleviate, but not this month because I have a challenge to conquer!

I did however manage my daily walk, and cooked up another batch of meals for the coming few days!  This week is red curry chickpeas on rice, and a large rockmelon to chow down for desert!  Looking forward to it!

And a birthday gift of money that was planned for next month came out early due to certain circumstances!  I won’t include this in my budget spend but if I did it is an added $150 which has come out of my slush fund. .

Spend $0 

Tuesday 21/01/17

Despite another night of minimal sleep I felt like I was bouncing around on my walk as if I had a lot of energy to burn.  I also have a few hours of work scheduled tonight.

A chocolate craving hit at the precise time I arrived for work.  Before I knew it I was at Woolworths Double Bay spending money.  I did however score some ciabatta rolls and hot cross buns at a reduced price along with my craving hit!

Spend $6.94

Wednesday 22/02/17

In my efforts to eat down my pantry items I have made a menu a couple weeks in advance.  I am liking that this budget challenge is motivating me to do something I have been meaning to do for months.  It allows me to clear out the old canned foods, dried beans and other bits and pieces that have been sitting around, which also means no food waste!

Spend $0

Thursday 23/02/17

My car needs to be filled and a fresh fruit top up is in order…..along with a few other goodies.

Spend $27.77

Friday 24/02/17

Time has arrived to renew my car registration.  Though it wasn’t budgeted for in my monthly expenses, the funds have already been saved because I have a slush fund.  Now I could’ve chosen to wait to next month a mere 5 days away to renew in order to make my challenge look neat and tidy but I admit I am impatient when it comes to matters like this.  I have to get it done immediately.  Still in my efforts to be transparent here is the cost spend on this today $281.

I also had my monthly haircut and grabbed some fizzy water and other goodies from the grocery store.

Rent also needed to be paid.

Spend $491.15 (not inclusive of my car service)

Saturday 25/02/17

One more late night supermarket run after work.  A few good baked goods scored at half price.  I also purchased a roast chicken for some dinners in the coming week, veggies and fruit.

Spend $24

Sunday 26/02/17

Almost at the end of my challenge but again little reason to dish out the dollars.

Spend $0

Total Weekly Spend $549.86

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