Month of Scrooge Challenge Week 3

This week has been a spendy week.  It seems I spent money on every single day apart from one.  Crikey! Does this mean my Month of Scrooge Challenge is not going so well?  Read on to find out.

Feel free however to backtrack a little if you are interested in how I went in days whence – Week 1 and Week 2 is available for your perusal.

Monday 13/02/17

I was all set to have a no spend day and depending how you look at it, while I did spend money none of it was towards my monthly budget costs.  In fairness if I did not have a job I would not have spent any money for this but I am all about being transparent when it comes to finance.

So I have booked a return trip to Hawaii because to put it simply the price was too good not to.  The cost of the flight was $516 return via Jetstar (a budget offshoot of Qantas).  Note this price does not include checked luggage, meals or entertainment, but we all know that I am a traveller who can do without these luxuries.  However I did pay an additional $49 each way for the privilege of sitting in the bulkhead seats (more leg space) figuring that it is the one luxury I am willing to pay for on a ten hour flight and is affordable too!

Altogether the total price of my flights was $622.53 (credit card payment fee included).  Now that my friends is too good a price to simply let go!  I also pre-booked a room in a hostel (double bed private) that required a 10% deposit and also paid immediately for travel insurance a must!

Please note also  this cost has not come from my monthly budget but from the designated travel budget which I have set up for this year.  Happy birthday to me!

Spend $0 however if were were to include the travel costs $807.20

Tuesday 14/02/17

Nothing much going on today, a gas top up and my monthly vehicle insurance was debited.

Spend $47.31

Wednesday 15/02/17

Despite efforts to rid myself of junk food I couldn’t help but head out to buy myself a fix.

Junkfood 1 Me 0

Spend $7.34

Thursday 16/02/17

Today was spent reading and catching up on some much needed sleep.

Though I didn’t head out my mobile phone bill was due to be paid

Spend $50.19

Friday 17/02/17

I am finally on the last dregs of my gigantosaurus watermelon. A new fruit top up is in order because breakfast without fresh fruit is heinously wrong!

Some groceries are needed and hopefully that will be it for a a few days or more!

Spend $12.28

Saturday 18/02/17

Busy at work today and no reason to spend any money

Spend $0

Sunday 19/02/17

Try as I might not to, I am seriously craving me some chocolate.  One final grocery shop perhaps and I still have 9 days to the end of the month!

Spend $26.96

Total Weekly Spend $144.08


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