Month of Scrooge Challenge Week 2

On to week 2 and my challenge to spend as little as I possibly can.  If you have just arrived to my blog you can find out all about my Month of Scrooge challenge right here  followed by how my first week on the challenge fared.

So far I am feeling confident that I will succeed in this challenge, and though it seems easy the truth is I have created habits that have lead me to this point.  It’s important to remember because  it didn’t just happen overnight.  I was at different points in my life, terrible with credit cards not to mention the overpaid cost of my education.

Slowly and surely I have learned new habits and now for the most part I do not think about it.  But I am still prone to my own impulses as a human being and you’ll see in the week that followed I did act on some of them.  As much as I hate it, this is me keeping it real once again for all of you out there.

So how did I do?

Monday 06/02/17

Hot as heck here and the last thing I want to do is move.  So I have settled in for today into a spot of writing, reading and just keeping out of the heat.

Spend $0

Tuesday 07/02/17

It seems I got carried away with how to spend $30million in Oz Lotto.  One lotto ticket purchased online.

I have also finished listening to my audio books purchased through Audible a few years ago.  Every so often I like to re-listen to my favourites and because I walk everyday and get tired of listening to music, I like to listen to books as an alternative when I walk.  Thank you public library for the free top ups.  And they have a series there from Charlaine Harris on there.  (New to me but old series).  So yay means no buying audible books for a while!

Spend $10

(Sadly not a winning ticket…womp womp)

Wednesday 08/02/17

Internet top up today and that’s the extent of it.

Spend $30

Thursday 09/02/17

Some grocery shopping, my rent was also paid and some of it came out of savings this week which is another good reason why savings are important.  There has been a mix up with my pay and I’ve received a mere fraction of what is owed to me.  Something which I usually pick up immediately but for some reason did not discover until later that night.

So to the back up savings it was.

I then spent the better part of the day cooking black beans and batch cooking dinners for the next week.  I’ve been meaning to eat through my pantry for a while in order to restock and get rid of the old, so I will be having a lot of bean, chickpea and lentil dinners as my main meal bases in the foreseeable future.  I love beans, but admittedly have been lazy in the last few months because eating  means soaking, boiling then cooking something in which I loathe.

This challenge however has been the perfect incentive to get it done and not waste food ideal for all frugalities out there.

Spend $507.49 (Rent $440, Groceries and Household Consumables $67.49)

Friday 10/02/17

Hot hot hot today means I pretty much want to do nothing and in turns means no spending.

Spend $0

Saturday 11/02/17

Again the weather is scorching.  It’s a stay inside kind of day with the fan running at full blast!  And on an impulse moment I decided I needed to go buy a dutch mini pancake pan from Aldi.

Turns out they have no pancake pans but since I was there money was spent.

Spend $17.04

Sunday 12/02/17

A little cooler weather but still dang hot in my books.   No reason to spend money today so that’s  a good thing.

Spend $0

Total Weekly Spend $564.53

Who-eeee.  It’s now 16 days to the end of February and at this point I am right where I want to be, lucky considering a very unnecessary purchase this week and last.

Does that mean I have budgeted too much and could’ve gone lower?

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