Month of Scrooge Challenge Week 1

This challenge has started off being a bit of a humbug.  It seems as soon as I laid the groundwork for my month of scrooge I decided to spend money and on stuff I didn’t even need.  If the start is anything like the end of it I am simply doomed to fail.  Still it’s only been a few days in and I am fairly confident I can pull it all back in!

No time like the present to start clearing the pantry too and I hope to reduce my food costs by eating through the large stock pile of beans and more beans I have had laying around for a while!

Wednesday 01/02/17

I had no spending impulses today, but it was kind of blah and I ended up feeling bored out of my skull.  This is not a good mix for me because when I get bored….bad stuff happens.   I start googling, reading reviews and then I find myself buying a newly released book.  Sure it’s part of a series I have followed for the last three years but I had no intention of buying the final book of the series because the last two have been bitterly disappointing.  Then I began to read the reviews of the book and before I found myself saying no I was clicking yes on Amazon Kindle and purchasing said book.  Grrrr….and to make it worse it wasn’t all that good…..Oh well!

If anyone is interested it’s the Fever Series which up until and including Iced was very good by the author Karen Marie Moning.  Then it all went a skewer when the author decided to reintroduce characters who’s story had already been told…Why?  So there I spent Wednesday night skimming the book because I just had to know what happened.

I also ahem indulged in a bit of fantasy and got carried away in early retirement scenarios and figured I could bypass all that if I won lotto, so I bought a ticket….jeepers!

Spend $31.99 (Book $21.99, ticket $10.00)

Thursday 02/02/17

After waiting twenty minutes on the phone with the NZ Embassy to confirm my passport has been delivered I then ran around trying to locate my passport.  Because of where I live there’s a few places it could’ve ended up!  Also I made butter chicken and rice for a few dinners this week only I subbed the chicken for lentils and chickpeas!  The sauce is a bit too tart for my liking but as long as it’s palatable I will eat it.  Here’s hoping!

Spend $0

Friday 03/03/17

Nightshift does me over.  Must sleep before I turn into a zombie.

I also ate my too tart butter chickpea lentil curry and was pleasantly surprised.  I liked it but admittedly will not be purchasing this sauce again.  I would’ve added some coconut cream if I’d had some to offset the tartness but at least it’s edible.

Spend $0

Saturday 04/03/17

It’s overcast and very humid.  I also had a hard time waking up this morning because it’s the second day after a nightshift and always leaves me feeling whacked out.  Still all is well.  I got my walk in, sweated buckets and now I am aiming for a productive day.  Productive not so much but then I decided perhaps it would be wise to do my grocery shopping top up today rather than Sunday night.

I scored a couple of bargains on cheese and bacon rolls at Woolworths.  They are on special this week $2.90 for four however because I went in the evening they were marked at half price also.  So I got two lots of rolls for that bargain price.

I also topped up on fizzy water and bought a gigantic watermelon for 89 cents a kilo at Aldi.  Only to find out that Coles were selling rockmelon for $2.  Grr…Yes I could’ve bought one as well but in this heat and hardly any room to refrigerate stuff I wisely stuck to my gigantisaurus watermelon instead.  To avoid waste I only buy what I can eat and rarely waste food.

Spend $23.10 (Aldi $12 Woolworths $11.10)

Sunday 05/03/17

Work today and by golly I could not wait to leave and get home.  Only to come out at 10pm and find that it’s hot as a heater outside.  Still because I did my shopping yesterday meant no need to visit Woolworths today.

Spend $0

Total Weekly Spend $55.09


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