First Trip of 2017 Booked

My first trip this year will be a return to the homeland New Zealand, and it will be straight to the capital Wellington to feast on my favourite takeaway, fish and chips.  Nothing beats good old NZ fish and chips and there will also be the opportunity to munch down on my favourite biscuits in the whole entire world Afghans, come to Mama!.

However this trip will be a little more expensive than usual as I will not be staying with friends and family having opted to book my own accomodation and get a hire car for the duration of my stay.  Can’t wait to explore one of my favourite cities in the world and I purchased travel insurance too purely for that purpose.  Rather than pay the excess the hire car company will give me if any damage is made to the vehicle, I have purchased insurance to cover the excess should I get in an accident.  It has reduced the cost of the hire car greatly and I am pleased as punch about this.   I also got a 10% discount on my insurance because I am a repeat customer so loyalty has paid off!

First things in order however I have to make myself legal to travel and have renewed my NZ passport recently.  The good news for my fellow countrymen is that renewals for adult passports can be done online and at a reduced price so there are some savings to be had.   Firstly $180 online, as opposed to $215 for the paper applications.  Even better if you live here in Australia you don’t have to pay goods and services tax, so that costs then drops to $157.26 NZD translated to $149 AUD.  I also avoided the conversion fee because the credit card I have does not incur these fees.  Hooray me for the win!  Though I did pay $19.95 for a digital passport photo but this can be avoided if you were to take your own.

After NZ, I’ll be looking at my next destination which I’m growing ever the more keen on, Taipei in Taiwan.  I am considering Singapore for a few days then Taiwan, or possibly Hong Kong then Taiwan.  Over a couple of weeks I think I could safely do this for approximately $2000 AUD in comfort.  I could probably shave off a few hundred dollars if I chose backpacker options but I am  not keen on that option.  We’ll see anywho considering my wish to spend less this year on travel.

Sigh, so many travel destinations to think of and look forward to but not enough money to do it constantly.  I am keeping my choice of destinations close to Australia for lower cost because in a couple of years time I plan to hit Europe and that needs plenty of money.  Can’t wait though even though I am going home, I am excited to just get there!

Have you booked your first trip for the year yet?

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