Ottawa gave me frozen ears

Ottawa is the capital of Canada but for whatever reason I confused it with Quebec City and it wasn’t until I was two months away from my trip that I realised I had been researching the wrong city.  Talk about a duh brained moment!  Luckily I discovered my folly before I even got there or we may be having a different post right about now.

Waving goodbye to Toronto I caught the train to Ottawa and you know what?  I really like travelling on trains.  They are so comfortable though the decor is quite aged, but it beats flying and travelling by bus any day of the week for me.  Maybe one day I’ll come back and do a train trek across Canada because I think it would be cool!

It was just under five hours travel time to Ottawa from Toronto and I arrived without any hiccups.  Initially I was going to walk to my hotel but decided I didn’t want the hassle of navigating so I caught a taxi.  It was just over $13 to my hotel which was called The Business Inn on Maclaren Street.

Upon arrival the Inn looks seedy and not very welcoming with it’s the decor BUT don’t let that put you off.  This was the best place that offered the best value for money you could get.  Aside from it being close to downtown Ottawa it is huge.  It offers multiple levels of large studio apartments that supply everything including a computer with and printer.  Not to mention the awesome breakfast provided for free between the hours of 0700-1000.  They also provide snacks and bottled water to take with you after breakfast as well as unlimited use of free washer/dryers.  If you ever want to go to Ottawa stay at this place.  It’s a good deal!

Having sat on a train for five hours I was eager to explore and not realising the temperature had dropped to a ‘balmy’ 4 degrees all I took with me was my puffer jacket.  Bad choice because my ears froze as I eagerly explored Ottawa.  Walking up Elgin street I passed the NZ embassy and a little park and in the middle of the street was a  memorial with the body of an unknown soldier.  This place was to be the centrepiece for Remembrance Day in Canada that was to occur the day I left.

I then decided to investigate the Byward Market and had a chocolate croissant with a coffee.  It was kind of cool too.  I then walked about some more but decided my ears were too frozen to do much else and decided to head on back to my hotel saving the rest for the day after.

I woke early in order to get me some of this breakfast I’d read so much about and boy was it worth it.  From bagels, to muffins, to waffles and fruit it was delicious.  And I thought I could eat, but this tiny lady about half my size polished off double what I ate.  It was quite amazing and I reiterate she was tiny little thing but dang could she put it away!  I then grabbed a little snack bag out of the refrigerator and wet back to my room to get ready for another long day of walking.

Now I only got to explore a tiny part of Ottawa.  One because I hadn’t expected to like it so much and I didn’t think I needed much time there.  Two because I hadn’t planned it well at all considering until a couple months before I was researching Quebec City and had given up on this destination.  Big mistake.  Ottawa is stunning!

With Winter approaching it is much like a fairytale city.

And I thought Niagara Falls was pretty but Ottawa put it to shame.  And because I can’t put into words I’ll let my pics do the talking

Then I saw the scariest sculpture I have ever seen

And met this mute fellow too on my explorations.

Ottawa I regret going to Montreal because I could’ve spent more time is this lovely city.  Hindsight is 20/20 however and now I know and have a fabulous reason to go back.  I’m thinking spring next time because Autumn was definitely stunning with it’s multitude of colours.


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