Budget Time

Happy New Years!

Financially December turned out to be a complete write-off and I’ll admit I stopped tracking  because of the amount of money outgoing.  We’ll just put it down to it being Christmas and leave it at that.  I also spent money on a few things that were not needed but wanted.  My top buys were a new laptop tote bought on sale at 30% because I plan to travel with it more.  I also purchased the best scrubbing brush with a long handle that will save my back when cleaning my shower and tiles.  Last of all a wonderfully cheap but totally awesome mini vacuum from Big W.  Seriously the sucking power behind this little machine is unbelievable and it’s a great score at $39!

So yeah December though good things happened was a financial failure!  But now it’s the first of the month of 2017 and it’s time to get my money ducks in order, because my piggy banks need replenishing.

January Budget

  • Rent $880
  • Internet $30
  • Gas $30
  • Groceries $200
  • Haircut $31
  • Spending Allowance $40
  • Laptop Tote $78.38

A grand total of $1289.38

You’ll notice a new line item in there.  I’ve made an executive decision to get internet for this here blog and currently have opted to prepay on mobile broadband.  Double Data on prepay with Optus to 05/02/17 so that price gets me 8GBS for the month on top of the 17GBs I get on my smart phone.

I am also paying off my laptop tote interest free of course.  I can’t help it when I see an interest free deal I always take part in it.

Also I have prepaid my mobile and car insurance bill already so these are not included for Januarys budget due to the fact I will have reduced income this month.  This way it’s already taken care of.

Have you got your budget in order?

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