First World Problems

My day began with a dung heap sized load of resentment over how unfair it is that I had to work, as I grumbled my way through the short drive to my job.  In an odd twist of fate however, I found myself writing late at night after my lengthy shift.  Great news because for the first time in a  couple of weeks I felt inspired to address the biggest obstacle I have had lately, myself!

Underemployment has made me lazy and most definitely has not implored me to write on my blog, the opposite of what I expected when eventually quitting my job.  My expectations being I would spend hours writing my heart out.  I had it all planned out, set a routine, wake early, go for my morning walk then tackle a full day of blogging posts.

Blame it on having had a fabulous holiday period, first the USA / Canada trek.  Then it was onto Brisbane and my second family to spend some well needed time together for a week.  In all honestly, until that night I had been suffering a severe lack of motivation to do much at all and need I say it?  But it’s been a good thing that I have been forced to work on the weekends if only to get me out of the damn house.

So after a long day at work, my epiphany hit, to  where I found myself tapping away at my laptop into the early hours of Monday morning, feeling grateful to be having this “First World Problem”.  My attitude has taken a dramatic shift!

Hell yes I am abso-freaking lucky, because of the privilege I am currently living.

This has only been ongoing for a few weeks at this stage, but as long as my casual job  continues, it could be ongoing for a while.  If my role were to end, then I will have to revisit my options but regardless,  I still consider myself in a great place of privilege.

Yet how much  is actually down to luck, and how much is cultivated of my own doing?

The best answer I have come up with is, it is a combination of both.

You see slowly over the last few years, during my student loan debt repayment, during the dreaded credit card payoff, and car loan payoff I have been learning great life lessons.  Debt is bad, savings are good, and choosing to live with less, has meant my living expenses are relatively tiny in comparison to most people my age.

All because of how I live……..

I forgo the luxury of renting my own apartment, and live in a shared living situation my power and water included in the rent.

I own one smart phone that I have had for almost 3 years, which also doubles as my internet access.

I drive a small car only when necessary.

My grocery bill is smaller than the average, and I rarely eat out or buy lattes or drinks though this month has certainly been the exception.

I borrow books and DVDs from the library and rarely get to the cinema to watch the latest block buster.

My frugality is so ingrained that it is second nature, affording me a low cost of living in an otherwise expensive city without help from anybody else.   At my current costs, I only need to earn $1300 a month to survive.  If I really cut down I could get that to $1200 a month all inclusive.  I wouldn’t be able to save much if anything, but I would still eat well, pay my bills and have a roof over my head.

Then there is my work ethic which I have always maintained to a great standard.  I show up to work when I should and on time, working to what is expected of me, and do a good job.  This has allowed me to step into my current casual job, a position I have held previously, because I have proven my worth in that arena.  It goes to show that maintaining a good work ethic and great relations also matters long after one has left.

So yes while I do think I am very lucky and to some in a enviable situation, I do have myself to congratulate also, because I have put in the hard yards.

I don’t know how long this lifestyle will last, but today I made a mind changing adjustment.  I am lucky and I am privileged enough to not waste it anymore!  My week has begun with a new attitude, a new motivation, and a new appreciation.  This may not always be the case because I am human after all, but for now I recognise my privilege and the world seems a brighter place for it!


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