December Budget and November Recap

It’s the first of the last month of 2016 and time to discuss the new budget, a favourite activity of mine.  We’ll start with Novembers final figures.

As you’ll see from the graph below I was over budget again.  It appears while I am happy to set budgets I don’t appear to be sticking to them all that well.   I am running on a deficit for October, November and my overseas holiday but I can assure you most of the year it is the exact opposite and eventually balances out.

November Budget Results

I was at home for the last two weeks of November but because I didn’t pay attention to my grocery shopping I ended way over budget on this one.

I also came back and noticed Shoogs looked absolutely filthy so I paid to have her vacuumed and washed and this cost was not budgeted for either.  I would do this myself, but there are better things to do with my time and it only occurs about three times a year.

My personal allowance is also way off kilter.  Sometimes there are good reasons why this happens and and this is one of them.  I’ve paid for a return ticket to Brisbane next week (a little more expensive than usual) so I will be jetting off on holiday again.  It was completely unplanned, but I thought now would be an opportune time to visit my bestie.  There are a lot of reasons why this came about which I won’t divulge, but it’s a well needed visit!

I intend to have a ton of lattes, buy presents for her kids and take them all out for a family dinner.  It’s all on me for next week (though she will put up a fight when I insist on spoiling them), but I am confident I will get my way!  That will come out of next months budget.

I’m also working again but only two days a week.  The pay rate is good and I work Saturday/Sunday.  As a casual employee however it is important to note, I have no entitlements whatsoever.  If I don’t work it, I don’t get paid to put it simply.  Casual also means no security in my role and it could literally end any day.  Though it is unlikely at least for a couple of months, it’s one important factor that I will not be forgetting, but I’m okay with that  because I have the benefit of a back up – my Panic Fund.  Never leave home without one!

My plan for December, is to stick to budget because due to the unplanned visit to Brisbane and overspending on my USA/Canada vacation, I won’t be saving anything this month.

I am also torn in many directions, my desires to travel more, with likely destinations such as the Cook Islands, Taiwan, Singapore and NZ on the list for the coming year.  This coupled with wanting to study and earn more money to pay for this.  At some point a decision will need to be made and then I can focus on that.  For now because it is still 2016 I will continue to mull over my choices but won’t allow myself to dwell on that too long.

Onto the budget for December and we have a grand estimated budget of $2156.77 for the month.

  • Rent $1320
  • Mobile  $50.50
  • Haircut $31
  • Car Insurance $23.60
  • Groceries $151.67
  • Gas $40
  • Personal Allowance $40
  • Travel $500

Have you got your budget together?

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