Frugaltainment – A walk in the park

Getting out and exercising I will admit is not my first inclination.  My first and always inclination is to put my head back on my pillow and nod off back to sleep, requiring a certain amount of mental shakedown before I can even bust a move.

It’s the ‘get your lazy butt’ moving kind of mental shake I have to give myself.  For if given free reign I could stay in bed all day and that is not an exaggeration!

It’s very true to say no one ever regrets exercise.  I never have not once,  even when I have gained an injury from it.  Because having exercised makes you feel good about yourself on a natural high.  When I do it, I feel like I go on forever, almost like I am a Super Hero without the cape part.

And here we come to another form my own frugaltainment only it covers more than one frugal thing.  It saves me money, gives me something to do and is great for my mind and body as well as the wallet.

A walk in the park

‘The crowd goes wild”

In this city just like any other I’d imagine we get all manner of bad and impatient drivers.  I’ve had a couple of near misses at intersections where it has been signalled safe to walk to have some clown cut off another driver and almost hit me.

Twice it’s happened and it ain’t like I am hard to miss.  My bright coloured workout shirts I brandish for the purpose of sticking out like a sign saying WALKER HERE don’t drive over her.  And I am NOT a tiny person with all my lumps and curves.

Most of the time however I will avoid walking along streets with heavy traffic for this reason.

You will likely find me walking in a park.  One specifically designed for those like me, a good distance, paved footpaths, without a care of being run over by some eejit too impatient to wait the five seconds it takes one person to cross the road.

Once I start making moves, I grab a bottle of water, my sunnies, a cap (cause short hair makes one sweat drip like a tap), and comfortable clothing.  No Nike brands here.

I wear cut off bike shorts of my own making. When I exercise I prefer knee length tights but it’s very difficult to find knee length tights here for some reason.  There’s mid calf or short shorts but knee length a no show.

Try looking for them and you will be surprised!  How I solved this dilemma was I purchased three quarter tights from Kmart and cut them to knee length.  Awesome idea if I do say say myself.

Frugal and clever at the same time that is me.

During my nice long walks I come across many types of walkers and runners.  From the very young and fit to the old or curvy like me.  I often get passed by people, which admittedly peeves me to no end (it’s the competitive streak in me) but until I get faster there isn’t much I can do about it.

My exercise motto however is chanting myself that a 5km walk is still the same distance no matter how slow or fast one walks it!

What I enjoy the most about walking in a park however is the dog show I get for free most days as owners walk their pets.  I’ve had a Great Dane slobber his lovely goo all over me, to the pug who kept giving me goggle eyes while his owner was trying to train him.

On any given day I want to run off with one of them but being the slowest walker in the world means I also hold that title for the slowest runner.  I wouldn’t get very far at all.

So if you’re feeling down in the dumps, feeling bloated or just plain yuck get out an enjoy the day by a walk in the park. Trust me you’ll never regret it!


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