Snippets from a past life – Conversations on the job

Call centre work,

Snippets – This is all about breaking up the monotony of ones day.  A chance to fume, vent or laugh.  Have a free one on me as I post about experiences with people of my past and present.

Working in a call centre role is the only way I prefer to associate with customers.  Though it has it’s difficult moments at the end of the day I can always press the hung up button to “Sayonara” them off and out of my life, if pushed too far.

That’s not to say however that it hasn’t made for some funny and weird conversations over the years.  Conversations that I have not forgotten, even now almost a decade later and I thought it might be a hoot to share a few of these moments.

Not always funny, but definitely remembered despite my efforts to the contrary.


Young Man:  I’m just not happy with how this has been dealt with.  Don’t take this personally I am not having a go at you.

Me:  Don’t worry I won’t.

Young Man:  Well that’s a blasé attitude to have don’t you think?

Me:  Sigh!

This very nice young man really did tell me not to take his rant as personal thing and then got annoyed when admitting I wasn’t.

Bewilderment was me….but let that be a lesson.   It’s best to avoid total honesty with most customers even when they say it is okay.


Elderly lady:  I can’t find me check book luv I’ll need to cancel it and order a new one.

Me:  Why yes I can do that for you.  It will be a $15 replacement fee and 5-10 working days to be posted.

Elderly lady:  What on earth?  I can’t afford that I only have four hundred thousand dollars in my account……

Four hundred thousand dollars and she couldn’t afford a $15 fee?

Now I might’ve been incited to wave the fee for customer loyalty or to be nice, but after hearing that, all I could think about was what a stingy old lady.

To wave around almost a half million dollars and cry poor, well that’s just outrageous on poor peoples behalf.


Nasty man:  You’re a bunch of pedophiles you are.

Me:  Excuse me?

Nasty man:  Your bank is affiliated to the Catholic Church and they are full of pedophiles that must make you one too!

Whack jobs unfortunately, come along all too often in these roles but I got the giggles on this one.

It was as if I was speaking to a naughty boy throwing a tantrum and yelling the first thing that came into his head.


Man:  Love, I would like to you tell me the benefits of having a savings account.

Me:  Why yes sir I am happy to.  Let me ask a few questions first.  What are you saving for in particular?

Man:  Oh yeah baby that’s it tell me more?

Me:  Um pardon?

Man:  I like all sorts of savings, long savings, short savings any savings.

Me:  Ok….but is it for long term savings or do you have a specific goal?

Man: Yeah that’s right I have a specific goal in mind…it’s special alright.

Me:  Okay I’m not getting where this is going?

Man:  I’ll tell you where it’s going right up my big….bulging……

End call!

Not quite up my alley for giving great service.  Why call a phone sex hotline when a banking call centre operator will do?

A good example of being frugal perhaps?


Me:  Hello my name is the Wahine from Good times Insurance.   How can I help you?

Elderly couple:  I’m calling to discuss my account

Me:  I can help with that.  Can we start with your name and date of birth please?

Elderly couple:  What do you want to that for?  I’m not giving you that.

Me:  Well I do need to identify who I am speaking to.  If you could please give me your name and date of birth.

Elderly couple:  I don’t know you are or what company you belong to.  I’m not giving you anything.

Me:  May I remind you that you have called me, so I would assume you know to whom you have called.

Dial tone……

In this instance I was the person being hung up on.

This elderly couple somehow developed dementia between the time they dialled the number to the time I answered.

Having all their information pre-loaded by the time it got to me all I had to do was verify their information which was evidently too much for these elder ones.

What do you guys think?  Has this ever happened to any of you?

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