First of the month and a new budget

Budget time, one of my favourite things to work on even if it is on auto-pilot most of the time. This post is pre-dated so today I’ll be snoozing in Houston before flying along the east coast of America to NYC.

My holiday however does not give me free reign to spend willy nilly especially now due to my unemployed status!

Firstly to the final figures for the October budget.  I never put in a total but let me resolve that for you now after adding everything together per the previous post.  My projected expenses for the month of October came to $1397.10.

And look she’s got some bells and whistles for you to view!

A table


And check out the pie graph with percentages too.  So coo-el!


On close scrutiny there are a few budget blow outs:

The dental visit and pill prescription that could’ve waited until November.  Since it’s money I would’ve had to spend on my personal health anyway it’s not a concerning factor.

My clothing purchases were completely avoidable.

Blogging expenses I can live with because they won’t be repeated for at least another 12 months.

My personal allowance was also sitting well under that $80 threshold until I got a battery replaced for my old iphone to give to the cuz.

Consequently it turned out to be a rather spendy month to the tune of $344.43 over budget.

Yikes!  In fairness though if you remove the dental and pill prescription it ain’t so bad!

What helped was my Grocery Budget Challenge helped keep me in check on the food front!

Gas and my mobile bill was a pleasant surprise this month too, coming well under the predicted amount.

And I can’t finish without a budget rant so here it is:  Bank fees OMG what a RORT!

Granted $3.11 is a ridiculous amount to be making a big deal but word to the wise.

Be diligent always!  This months $3 may be next months $50.

Budget for November

  • Groceries (Food & household) $100
  • Rent $880
  • Gas for car $30
  • Personal Allowance $40
  • Mobile phone $100.00
  • Hair cut $33
  • Car Insurance $23.60

Grand total $1206.60

Pity I can’t choose to pay half the rent, considering I’m away half the month, but such is life.

Onto the nitty gritty, have you worked our your monthly budget yet?

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