The Grocery Budget Challenge Week 4 – The Finale

Welcome to the fourth and final week of my first ever challenge on this here blog. For those new to this challenge you can catch up on the why here, and my updates over the month by clicking on Week 1, Week 2, and Week 3.

For those who already know the back log let’s move on to Week 4.

This final week has been a cinch and I managed to claw back the four plus dollars I had overspent in my first week.  Over the whole month I did it! I won!  

There was no actual competition but it feels good to beat someone even if it is my own self.  

I’ve also been very busy clearing up final travel arrangements, sleeping, setting my itinerary, sleeping some more, catching up with the cuz while sleeping more and writing a few future dated posts.

My readership may be tiny, but I refuse to let my readers down because I am on holiday.

I am also officially unemployed now, and if you read up on the benefits of having a Panic Fund you will see how having a financial back up plan has helped with this transition.

Onwards to how my week went:

Sunday 23 October

I was craving chocolate at work today.

There is a vending machine close by but I absolutely refuse to pay convenience prices.  A short stroll to the local supermarket results in a few goodies to chow down on.

When work finished for the day, I decided one final grocery shop was needed to batch cook a few last meals for the week and also to freeze some for when I get back.

Great tip for one suffering jet lag!  Pre-cook your meals.

Money Spent $29.99 (Woolworths $25.62 Coles $4.37)

Monday 24 October

Last shift ever!

Enough said.

Money Spent $0

Tuesday 25 October

Overtired and exhaustion plagues me today.

I’m only awake enough to eat, toilet, shower and fall back to sleep.

Money Spent $0

Wednesday 26 October

Lunch with the cuz.

At this time her mobile has died it’s final death but we’ve managed to coordinate times via email.

And because this is planned I have saved some of my grocery budget, since I made it a rule not to spend any allowance money on food!

Money Spent $14.10 

Thursday 27 October

Suffering a little floppy breast syndrome – To put it plainly I have exercised a womans right of refusal to don a bra resulting in a certain amount of floppage.


I did however force myself to have a shower and get up, even as my eyelids continue to droop downwards.  Need more sleep!

Good news is no reason to spend any money.

Money Spent $0

Friday 28 October

This is the first day this week I actually feel alive.

In saying so, I stayed in bed writing to midday because when one is on a role one should not stop.

Money Spent $0

Saturday 29 October

Packing is so easy when one has a teeny tiny backup.  End results to be posted!

Money Spent $0


The challenge is done, finito, the end!

While I acknowledge my budget challenge seems to be short by the last two days of October, since I am travelling they do not count.

Total money spent $197.22.  

Didn’t she do well?  

Okay enough with the third person talk.  

I am beyond stoked that I not only completed my challenge but I passed it with flying colours.

Sure the first week was a fail but the end results more than make up for it.

Having this challenge curtailed a few bad habits, ones I am sure will eventually be conquered.

It was also good not using my allowance on food.

 3 main points in which I took away from this:

1  Shopping once a week really does work.  It tamed my urge to splurge so much that I looked at grocery shopping as a chore at times.  Unfathomable until now. 

2  If I were to curb my love of junk food then I have a great chance of severely reducing grocery costs even further.   One vice I will gladly be rid of!  Baby steps!

3  Although I bulk buy, clearly I am not doing enough of it.  I need a complete revamp of my grocery habits.  I’m thinking the monthly shop kind! 

Thanks for reading and tell me y’all, if you did your own challenge what worked for you?

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