Adios people I am leaving on a jet plane

That time has come my friends to say Adios and farewell as this goes to post I’ll be on the train heading to the international airport!

Chances are I am fretting about stuff that is too ridiculous to fret about but always happens before I head off on holiday.

Feel free however to follow my steps on Instagram, only give me a few days head start.

Right now it’s safe to say there is nothing on it but I will attempt to fill it with tons of photos in USA and Canada.

Here’s to not being deported!

To the Itinerary:

30 October:  Sydney>Auckland>Houston

Flying with Air NZ means I got to be leaving via my homeland, Sydney to Auckland an added 3 hours of flight time that I didn’t really want but the price was too good not to do this.

A few hours standby then I’ll be on my way to Houston, Texas.  This wasn’t the original plan I was originally booked to fly to LAX then NYC but my flights got changed and I agreed to stay a night in Houston.

Too bad I only get a night.  I would love to explore this city more.  At least I should hopefully get a good nights rest before hightailing it to NYC.

30-31 October:  Houston>NYC

Since I’ll be flying a day backwards technically it will be 01 November here in Sydney.

I’ll have landed and spent a night in Houston then onwards to the Fantabulous NYC!

31 October -04 November: >NYC

I have planned such excursions:

Riding a bike in Central Park

Booked a ticket to see a show on broadway

Trotted along the City Highline

Visited the Museum of Natural History

Eaten a NYC bagel

Visited the 9/11 Memorial.

Everything else is up for negotiation, there’s so much I want to do but so little time!

04-06 November:  >Washington DC

Hopefully I’ll have successfully navigated my way to Washington via AMTRAK.

I plan to view the Whitehouse from a reasonable distance, visit the Statue of Lincoln and maybe check out a few other monuments.

06-09 November:  >Toronto – Canada

If I’m thisclose to Canada I don’t want to be saying I was almost there.

I plan to catch a train to Niagara Falls and view them Canadian side (the best side to view apparently)

Then back to Toronto to honestly do what?  I have no idea at this stage.  But it’s a big city I’m sure I can find something.

09-11 November:  >Ottawa

A five hour train ride from Toronto and it’s to the capital.

I plan to do a lot more sightseeing and might be found munching my way through some delectable croissants.

11-13 November:  >Montreal

Bon-jour.  I had my reservations about coming here but I have read a few blogs commending their Macaroons and pastries.

When in Montreal the plan is to eat well!

13-15 November: >NYC

Leaving and coming back means having to clear immigration twice.

Why I put myself up for this torture I do not know?

I plan on hitting a few things I might’ve missed.

15-17 November:  NYC>Houston>Auckland>Sydney

cry-1293366_640I think that pretty much says it all!



  1. Have a good time lady can’t wait to follow all the places and sites you see eat some corn bread with southern fried chicken mmmmm safe journey .

    1. Thanks lovely. Must remember eat heaps of cornbread. Right now am @ Auckland international airport and literally ate an Afghan:) Delish but not as good as yours!

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