Frugaltainment – Keeping one entertained while putting money on the down-low

Entertainment costs too much these days if you let it.  From pedicures to coffees or lunch, by the end of the day, even if I can find the cheapest options to do all these things they  are still too many dollars more than I want to be spending.

Nowadays I opt out of most things that cost money because I prefer to save my money to travel, my new passion.

It may not be a new concept but I truly believe spending money on experiences are far better than spending money on awesomely cool junk.  The kind of junk that is cool for all of five seconds before being forgotten until the next good thing comes along.

In no way am I advocating giving up on everything however.  My laptop after all is worth the money I have spent for the joy it has given me.  I spend hours writing, reading and surfing on this masterpiece of modern technology and still marvel at it now.

But I have chosen this over buying the latest handbags, my daily lattes and spending money on needless stuff.  It’s a only a natural progression then that I should find other ways to entertain myself.

And here we are letting you in on my little ways to frugaltainment.

My alternatives to keeping my inner money miser happy by supplementing with no costs or low costs options.


‘The crowd goes wild’

I once worked with a lady who spent a small fortune on books every month.  She didn’t borrow books because ‘people read library books in the toilet’.

An icky point to dwell on wouldn’t you say?

I mean if you let that stop you from borrowing books what’s next?  Not sitting on a chair just in case people have farted on it?   Silly analogy yes but I think an apt comparison.

Transference is everywhere people if you think about it, everything is icky!

For those who cannot afford to spend fortunes and are willing to overlook the possibility of toilet readers you can indulge your love of reading by heading to your nearest library.

Reading a book for me is a chance to escape to another world for a few hours, sometimes days at a time.  I want to be swept away in an epic romance even if the end result is me crying like a twit.  Other times I am in the thick of fighting monsters, slaying demons, surfing tidal waves with my samurai sword or programming my robot to give Who the What What.

In another life I am Wahine aka Black Mumba.

If I had the funds to buy my books, you can bet I would have a library.

Unfortunately due to money and space, my book buying is limited and I choose only to buy the kindle books of my most favourite authors.  Luckily it takes them at least a year to write a book so I am not seduced into spending a lot of money each year.

To satisfy my need to read however I borrow from my local public libraries!

Most towns or cities have one of these offered by their council.  Thanks to the tax payers (thanks by the way) I have quite the fantastic selection.

And don’t be thinking people are just reading crusty old books there….

If I told you, you could borrow a DVD, attend a movie night, download an ebook, surf the internet, would you think it’s a  crusty old book place now?

Yes there are thousands of books there.  No doubt about it that’s the primary purpose of it after all.

However see below the list of services my library offers.

Books:  Paperbacks, Hardbacks, magazines, audio books, online books (every single type of book you can think of).

DVDS:  Movies, television series, documentaries, concerts.

Music – CDs and dvds and audio.

Community services:  Free blogging, food seminars, author readings, movies nights just some of the options I have previously signed up for.

It’s also a place to hang out just cause.

Mums and bubs go to the library for their local story corner and retirees because they have cottoned on to the fact the library ain’t just about books.

It also makes for some funny observations a form of frugaltainment in itself.

Don’t think about the toilet readers, think about the hours of fun one can have free!

That’s worth it in my books.


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