The Grocery Budget Challenge Week 3

For new readers tuning in I have set myself a grocery budget challenge  to avoid thinking about my big trip over seas and to see if it is possible for me to stick to budget.  Budget gets a big tick next to it, but my holiday being the end of this week is constantly on my mind as I think of a thousand things I should be doing.

Since my final Week of October will be work free I plan on doing all that stuff I haven’t done this coming week.

You can read about Week 1 and Week 2 if you are so inclined to catch up.

Meanwhile onto week 3 below.

Week 2 results have proved if nothing else why one should shop once a week as I had broken all my guidelines originally set.  Luckily they were guidelines only and not rules even though I did fail my challenge on the first week however unintentional my miscalculation was.

This week is really been a great week for the grocery budget challenge probably because my attention has been on doing some final stuff for my trip, looking forward to my impending unemployment and HELLO it’s almost holiday time!

Without further adieu this is how my third week went.

Sunday 16 October

Went for a walk today.

Being the slowest walker in the world I have all manner of people passing me.  From the very young on their bicycles to the very old striding pass as if they are on a mission to win.  I want to yell at them that  I don’t care how fast they walk even though secretly it is a pet peeve to be overtaken all the time.

Still a 5km walk is  a 5km walk no matter how slow one does it.

No spending today for this lady, I have $5 deficit to make up for from my Week 1 challenge failure to which I made the discovery only today.  Though I am sure I have been ripped off by Woolworths (because I couldn’t possibly be wrong) there is not much I can do about it because I have no proof.  Lesson learned!

Money Spent $0 

Monday 17 October

Six more working days and counting, oops did I just say that out loud?

In fairness it’s not been all bad where I work but before I let my negative attitude impact on my good work ethic it’s time to bail.

And because I can afford to leave it’s the best decision for all.

The benefits of having a Panic Fund.

Money Spent $0

Tuesday 18 October

Lack of sleep makes me very grumpy.  Only this time no crow to taunt me this morning just a rumbling tummy.

Too exhausted to care about anything else again I find myself spending nothing.

Money Spent $0

Wednesday 19 October

The perils of working night shifts and downing too much caffeine always results in bad sleep patterns.  My eyeballs are gritty with lack of sleep.

The good news is once again I don’t care about shopping anywhere, I just want to sleep damn you!

Money Spent $0

Thursday 20 October

Okay who’s bright idea was it to go see Mr Dentist today?  Exhausted while having ones mouth assaulted with objects of torture is not a good mix.

A check-up and a six monthly clean leaves my gums and teeth feeling ever so fresh.

Grocery shopping was a chore I wasn’t paying attention to the stuff I was putting in my trolley and ended up spending far too much at Aldis.  This left me just over $10 to spend at Woolworths and I still didn’t get all that I wanted.

I made sure to leave before I could go overboard and stuck to my challenge.

Money Spent $48.45 (Aldi $39.05 Woolworths $9.40)

Friday 21 October

A few things to do today.

Namely an interview for a casual position due to my impending unemployment status.  If all goes well I should be working in another position on my return to Sydney but only two days a week.

If not, well at least I’ll have the lazy summer I was intending on taking this year.

I could’ve used today as an excuse to buy food and spend money.  Having gone for an interview close to a place that does fantastic Sushi I was in half a mind to buy a couple of rolls.  But no! I stuck to my Grocery Budget challenge and bypassed Sushi place without a second thought.

Money Spent $0

Saturday 22 October

On the countdown to my final few days at work.  Today was another reminder that I am doing the right thing.

Enough said!

No celebratory eats today or grocery blow outs.  Though I did suffer some minor cravings for chocolate.

Money Spent $0

And it’s a wrap.

Didn’t we do well!

Money spent $48.45 for the week and only one shopping day!  Will wonders never cease?  This is what happens when one sticks to their budget and guidelines set.

Can’t wait for the final week to be done!

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