The Grocery Budget Challenge Week 2

For new readers to my blog this is a little challenge I set this month, in order to divert my attention to anything other than my impending trip overseas.  So far I’m having a so-so success rate for both.

Read on to discover how my second week officially passed but you can find the previous week one results here.

So much for this week being a cinch.  It seems my dash back to the supermarket put me right back to needing my next fix.

This is where I found myself the very next day buying junk food.  Not happy Jan.

In saying this one good thing has come about, I am actually being motivated to stick to my food budget even if I have lagged on other things along the way.

Sunday 09 October

What is a woman to do when she is frustrated as heck when working with layabouts?

Buy food!

I definitely need another alternative to food when I’m pissed. 

Money Spent $8.58

Monday 10 October

Since I am writing this the day after today, what I can remember is I spent it eating corn chips and writing all day.

Time really flies when you spend it doing what you love.

Before I knew it, it was 11pm and I had to force myself to log off.

If only someone could pay me some money for all my efforts.

Money Spent $0

Tuesday 11 October

Today I have a pile of library books to return before they are due back.  Always the rule stickler I have never been fined once for having late items.  Still I am surprised that out of the seven books I have currently with me I have read none!

This here blog is taking up all my time, and though I love reading I wouldn’t have it any other way for now but I hope to find balance eventually!

Also I’m feeling peckish for a sugary muffin cake o manna in heaven.

Money Spent $12.24 

Wednesday 12 October

Today work went quickly and that is just how I like it.

Lunch was also paid for as well so I had nice fresh Subway wraps and cookies for my lunch.

I stayed out of the grocery store and although I didn’t spend money on groceries I decided to have a little shopping spree of my own.

Remember the no clothes buying ban.  That lasted all of two months grrrrr.

Major budget fail right here peeps!  A win or fail depending how you look at it

Money Spent $0 (Money spent on clothing I didn’t need however $54)

Thursday 13 October

Today I am feeling resentful of this challenge.

After eating an ice-cream and some chips I realised I have to write it down because I went to the grocery store and spent money on groceries.

Though to say I bought groceries would be a stretch, more like junk food with bananas on top.  But since I did buy fruit it kinda sorta counts!

Now I have to tattle on myself and tell you how much I spent today.

Not liking this one bit!

Money Spent $9.07

Friday 14 October

Final shopping of the week and my little bits and bobs.

Money Spent $19.37

Saturday 15 October

An easy day today results are in and no shopping.  I am exhausted and my first day off is usually all about catching up on some sleep.

Money Spent $0

In summary this week has been harder.  After my astounding discovery of my failure in Week 1, luckily I  made budget this week.  I will make up that $5 extra over budget somehow mark my words.

Sticking to my $50 again forced me to keep within the parameters of my budget when I went shopping, so I didn’t pull stuff from just anywhere.

I also had a higher tally on junk food which is not good at all.  I want to spend my money on good wholesome food not rubbish.

The good thing is I stuck to my grocery budget.  The bad news is I have broken my no clothes shopping ban and purchased new bras and clothes to the total of $54.

Grand total for the week $49.26 

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