The Grocery Challenge Week 1

My grocery budget challenge has been a perplexing exercise this week.  In the beginning I felt I was doomed to fail because the day after writing my fantastic challenge I was itching for my next fix to go grocery shopping.  Ludicrous I know but that’s how it felt.

By the end of the week I didn’t want to go shopping at all and wouldn’t have if I hadn’t wanted bananas for my morning Weetbix.    What surprised me was that it felt like a chore as I went from one supermarket to the other.  Strange because I usually get my little thrills perusing aisles hunting for the good deals when I see them.

Also having a set budget meant I had to think of what I truly needed.  I found myself adding and removing accordingly when I would’ve normally just bought something.  It also meant being 100% strict and only sticking to my list which was not easy when the temptation was there when I saw something good on sale.

Points to note:

  • The bonus of this challenge kept me from spending altogether.  Win Win!
  • My personal allowance was used on stuff I wanted with not a muffin in sight, but I did spend it all and am now .25 cents over budget.  Hmm I wonder where I can make it up from.
  • It was easy!  Maybe the better idea would be to lower the amount but for now will see how the next week goes!

Without a further ado this is how my first week went on my challenge.

Sunday 2 October

07:53 I wake up thinking about breakfast, Weetbix with a banana sliced on top.  Waiting for the kettle to boil and my mind wanders to whether I should buy something.  I start chanting to myself. Do not buy food. Do not buy food!

14:55 Still thinking about buying food.  Talking to my bestie only managed to keep me occupied for a few hours.

16:30 I caved and went to the grocery store.  I have $10 Woolworths dollars to spend so at least the out of pocket amount was minimal.

Money Spent $1.12 (Woolworths dollars included the total would be $11.12)

Monday 3 October

15:18 I was actually happy to be at work to keep my mind off grocery shopping.  Seriously could this not be more ridiculous?

Money spent $0

Tuesday 4 October

Mild jitters all day.  I helped myself to someone else’s Crunchies, some sugar to focus on, my brain is satisfied.

Money spent $0

Wednesday 5 October

12:18 Today all is normal and it’s time to check the catalogues.

Helpful tip:  The supermarkets release their specials every Wednesday for your perusal online.

**Specials of note:

Tim Tams are on special at Woolworths and Coles have Connoisseur Magnums on special for $3.99.  What does that say about me when the first thing I spot are the goodies?  Still I lick up lips in anticipation.  Must find way to include in budget.  Do I need to go meatless this week?

Money spent $0

Thursday 6 October 

07:36 I want to kill a crow.  If only I could catch the little bastard sod.  My eyeballs are hanging below my face all because he is crowing at this unearthly hour.  Is he taunting me?  I need sleep. I don’t care about anything else

Money spent $0

Friday 7 October

14:19 Today has been a very interesting experience.  I found myself not wanting to do any grocery shopping at all.  There were a few errands that needed running so I did them all at once.   All the supermarkets I went to are based in the same mall.  I usually hit 2 of them but 3 in one day is a bit of a nuisance.  Still it’s all over and done with for the week.

Money Spent:  Woolworths $7.25, Aldis $15.32, Coles $12.62 ($10 Fly Buy dollars meant the actual amount is $22.62)

Saturday 8 October

10: 49 For some silly reason I looked at the Woolworths catalogue again and saw a good price on laundry detergent. So I went back today. Then because I just had to do that I ended up buying more bloody Tim Tams, and Pringles gosh darn it!

Money Spent: $11.32 $19.57

Grand total $47.63 $55.88  

Edit:  After rechecking my numbers I have made an astounding discovery.  I actually went over my challenge and that’s not inclusive of my Supermarket dollars.  I have now fixed the numbers and am appalled that I somehow overlooked this.  But a bank statement does not lie.  It’s all there in black and white.  It seems this week was a big fail! Though I am sure that the actual amount was $11.32 on Saturday but I have no receipt to refer to.

Next time I will be diligent about checking all receipts!

Next week may turn out to be a little harder as I have no supermarket dollars left to spend, still I think I pretty much got this!


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