A Bloggedy – I’ve been Google S-adsensed

It has always been my intention to monetise this blog if only to pay for the costs associated with it.  Sure I’d like to earn millions, but for now I’ll settle for it paying for itself.  For while my blog has not cost a ton of money to make it halfway decent, it has most certainly not been for free either.

Having researched this exact subject online and even going so far as to buy a kindle book about blogging, all have given me some great suggestions and advice.

Most point their bloggy feelers towards beginning with Google Adsense for the pure simplicity of it.  With this information in hand, I decided this would be my first foray into monetising my site.

Within a couple of minutes I had applied to be accepted into the  program and logged off for the night.

This morning I logged into my email to read this:

Thank you for your interest in Google AdSense. Unfortunately, after reviewing your application, we’re unable to accept you into AdSense at this time.

I got the “You ugly….” line in an email.  And no matter how professionally written and nicely worded it may be:

Rejection is not the best way to wake up to first thing in the morning especially when one is exhausted from lack of sleep.  

That’ll learn me!  Next time I’ll make sure to check my emails while eating lunch so I can at least enjoy something when getting the total Google smack down.

As a result my day was spent smarting to myself and thinking about what it was I had done wrong.  From the “Why had the Google people rejected me?” to the insulted “How dare they?” leading to I don’t need them” internal speak.

My problem was I’d accepted what I read as gospel and had formed a somewhat false impression about Google Adsense.  Turns out they don’t accept just any blog for the mere effort of signing up.  Even if there is an infinite number of blogs practically promising you that it will happen.

My own fault of course for swallowing this belief so easily, dear sweet naive and gullible me.  Another lesson to chalk up for my blogging woes.

As it is, instead of having readers happily clicking their way to my millions, I’m now writing a post about being a Google reject.

OH I absolutely get it, don’t get me wrong.  If I were a client paying real money to advertise my goods I wouldn’t want my goods or services advertised on just any website even one so astoundingly cute.

On the bright side I’ve Googled what to do when rejected and found my support group of dejected ones.

On the downside it looks like for now TheWahineTimes.com will remain a labour of love.

Have no doubt though that I’ll keep keeping on, because having a place here to voice anything I want is the best thing ever!

Hopefully this is not the end of my S/adsensed story.  I have already investigated and plan to implement a few changes by adding a few more of the legally disclaiming stuff.   Then by growing my traffic (spread the word by the way) I can try other avenues and still be the number one blog in Oceania!

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