The Grocery Budget Challenge

In an effort to temper my excitement over my impending holiday I’ve decided what better way to preoccupy my brain cells than replace it with something else.  After seeking out inspiration on the world wide web I came up with:

“The Grocery Budget Challenge”

Pardon the blandness but there is no great way to dress it up!

If you have been reading my blog, you may note that I wrote about my set budget for the month and how I rarely overspend on it.  This is still true!  Whilst I have a planned budget to adhere to, the fact is my grocery costs are always exceeded.

How is it possible that I stick to my budget without spending more?

Well I always find a way around said budget, like spend all my personal allowance on food or use less gas by only driving my car to work and back.  I sometimes forgo my monthly haircut as I did last month, even when my hair ends up looking something like this 

dog-1619386_640As you can see per the above offence in order to maintain what dignity is left I have to get cracking immediately!

So here it goes.  All are welcome to join me and all you have to do is to stick to the allocated budget and spend no more.

The amount set for me: $50 

I know that to some it would hardly seem to be a challenge?  Fifty whole dollars per week for a single woman to eat, sleep and crap with.

What’s next getting out of bed and pulling on Ugg-boots?

Why yes it would be…but I make this one point for all the frugal die hards.  It is one thing that I always overspend on and if I can conquer this overspending food minx, then grocery utopia beacons.  With the added bonus of potentially hundreds of dollars saved throughout the year.

Some guidelines and rules:  

To get off to a great start, I wrote a simple guideline to assist me with my challenge and you if you’re interested:

  1. Shop only once a week.  The idea is to spend as little time in the supermarket as possible that way I am oblivious to it’s decadent temptations.
  2. Shop with a list and stick to it!
  3. Shop the sales.
  4. Shop Aldi and Ethnic Deli’s because you’ve always bound to get a great deal.
  5. Reduce junk food spend.   I won’t ban it altogether because frankly it might just turn me to the dark side, damn you Cadbury and your infinite deliciousness!
  6. Never turn down free food or heavily discounted food if it’s on the list.  Food poisoning excepted.

I will retain all receipts for your perusal, I’ll also post weekly updates with a daily snapshot of how I am going.  I anticipate a few glitches but nothing worse than that hairdo above!

Rules are simple and as follows:

  1. Stick to budgeted goal but I am free to use any vouchers, credits as long as my spend of $50 cash is not exceeded
  2. Personal allowance to be spent on anything else but food.
  3. Haircut money is to be used for a haircut this month cause damn people be running scared!
  4. Gas money – I still have a job to the end of this month thus needing money for all gassy needs.  It’s a necessity!

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