Snippets of Life – The cuz texts…

Snippets – This is all about breaking up the monotony of ones day.  A chance to fume, vent or laugh.  Have a free one on me as I post about experiences with people of my past and present.

Family have the ability to drive one up the wall, but love em or leave em they are for life.    I don’t have much family here so the ones that are, I keep in touch with on a regular basis.

One particular cuz while well learned, always has trouble using her mobile phone.  Texting defies her to this day, because what comes out is not always what she intends!  See below



If it were anyone else I ‘d have told them to go Andrew themselves.

When it comes to the Cuz however I’ve quickly learned to decipher her texts and make sense of the seemingly non sensical.  Deducing that she was telling me to “Answer her messages” I decided to have a little fun replying in yellow.

Subsequent confusion quickly follows…..

Just for the record we don’t know who Andrew is.

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