Snippets of life – A customer calls for help

Snippets – This is all about breaking up the monotony of ones day.  A chance to fume, vent or laugh.  Have a free one on me as I post about experiences with people of my past and present.

My job is working a customer service role for a security company.  I am highly skilled in this role but customers being people frustrate the heck out of me, even on a very ordinary day.  Why?

  • They don’t listen
  • They think they know everything (hmmm sounds like someone I know)
  • They demand I move mountains

God would be a stretch, but it’s not the first time this expectation has been demanded of me.

Anyway back to todays bulletin a strange man calls.

He wants me to switch off an alarm system at a property where he was currently at.  He was concerned it would start screeching and alarming and he needed immediate assistance in the form of an alarm technician.

Poor sod didn’t even have an alarm code to turn the inferno thing off.

I’m guessing he expected me to say something along the lines of:

“Why yes sir I will send out a technician to turn off the alarm immediately, even though you don’t own this property, you won’t pay the technician for his time and most importantly we don’t know who the hell you are”

He seemed quite put out by my blunt refusal to help in any way shape or form and attempted to argue this point.  There’s only so many ways “We can’t help you” can be said but it worked eventually as he hung up in disgust.

The thing is he couldn’t comprehend that if this process didn’t exist we might as well be inviting any ole burglar into our monitored properties to break and enter.

This would then lead to a roll on effect where it would nullify the reason for the alarm, lead to no job for me, and possibly a fine for negligence, all because I helped him.

If only I could’ve told him that but sarcasm is not part of the job description, even when I am choking on it!

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