How to break a blog in six days

Six days into my new blog and let me tell you it’s not been without its fair share of difficulties, I’ve managed to break my blog once as well as experience a couple of brainless moments.  Initially having gotten caught up in the excitement of finally getting it together and creating my new blog I threw myself into drafting posts leaving the other stuff for later.  Stuff being the more technically challenging until I got the gist of things.  I was doomed from the beginning.

By day three things began to go wrong.  That day I drove to work, parked up and had this bright idea that I wanted to change my domain name and it just had to happen then and there.

Seriously, my lack of impulse control is highly problematic!  

So as it goes I logged in and changed my domain name immediately or so I thought I had.  It doesn’t work like that.   You have to create the domain name, pay money for the right to own that domain with a host and THEN it’s all yours.  Having just done this a mere few days before you would’ve thought I might’ve had some inkling before I attempted to (ahem) connect to an external domain that someone else owned with another host.

Because these things never happen as an isolated incident I then had another special moment when trying to purchase identification protection for my blog.

When purchasing a domain name you have to give all your legit details, name and contact information.  This information is made public unless you pay to keep it private.  I don’t like it, but it is what it is and I’d rather remain anonymous for now.

After spending a frustrating 20 minutes trying to purchase my protection I sought an explanation.  What do you know? Turns out I’d already bought protection with my package and if you take nothing else from this, let this be a lesson to anyone else to always understand what you have bought.

And so this ends with last night.   I decided to start tackling the aesthetics of my blog, trialing different themes, looking for pictures to jazz it up until my blog choked it!

A fruitless half hour then ensues with me growing all the more angry trying to log in and failing, you know living out a real life version of Einsteins definition of insanity.  Eventually losing patience I gave up, shutting down my laptop to recharge.

Two hours later assuming the problem would’ve ‘disappeared’ I attempted to log on.  Denied!  When your IP is blocked due to having made multiple login attempts with the wrong password, the problem doesn’t go away until you ask for help and get it fixed.

In each of these examples stubbornness and pride prevented me from asking for help and I wasted time trying to fix my own problems. Evidently I never learn, until I waste my own time, get mad about it then suppress this thing called pride and ask for help.

As hard as this can be for me I am so thankful as heck now for online support on Siteground.  Had this not happened I would more than likely be still glaring at a white page swearing about how this always happens to me.

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