Hello world

Welcome to my blog the Wahine times, Wahine being the Maori word for woman/women.  I gave my blog this title purely because at the time of creating my name I couldn’t think of a better one to come up with.  All the other names I wanted were gone and I came up with the idea to insert a Maori word for my own cultural spin on it.  And the best thing is my logo which I have yet to create will be something like TWT….Clever aye?

Seriously though it is with happiness I launch my little piece of crazy to this world.  I don’t really know what this blog is about yet, I’m still in the process of discovering it.  What I can say is I love to gossip about anything and anyone (wouldn’t be a good gossip otherwise).  It is also my sound belief that no good gossip should go unpublished.

My intention is to always write about stuff that interests me in order to keep you entertained.  I’ll always be honest and authentic to maintain my promise to never bang out any old rubbish.  All are welcome to read my blog as I discuss living the single life!

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    1. Omg I have my first official comment, I feel like breaking out the champagne, if only I drank, doh! Thanks for reading me:

  1. Very proud of you Mame!!!
    I have read quite abit so far and have not quite finished yet… so far, I have laughted out loud and cried in the span of 30 mins!! Loving your blog so far, can’t wait to read more!! xxx

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